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Getting ready for coaching

About you

In the near future, you will start coaching work together with Kelly. In the first meeting, the focus will likely be on defining clearly what you want to accomplish from your coaching. This is a very important step in the coaching process and will ensure that we start with a solid foundation.

To help build this clarity, please take the time to answer the following questions. You will see that some of the questions are quite broad. The intention here is to understand the wider context in which your coaching will take place as this will ensure better results. Some of the questions might prove quite searching, and this is normal. If you find any question particularly difficult to answer, just make a note and we will pick this up during our first meeting.
2. Where do you focus most of your energy currently?
Least focus
Most focus
Family and friends
Health and wellbeing
Fun, hobbies and being creative
Personal growth and learning
Significant other/ relationship
Career/ Business
Physical environment