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Hybrid working

What has changed for you since the pandemic


We really appreciate you taking time to share your recent experiences and what you are thinking about work and the workplace at this current time. We've all been on different journeys over the last year or so - same storm, different boats. 

This survey should take about 3-5 minutes to complete. 

Many thanks
Kelly Drewery
Business Psychologist
1. What have been the biggest changes for you since the start of the pandemic?
Please select one option in each row
Space Cell WorseA bit worseAbout the sameA bit betterBetter
Time available to do my work
Suitability of my working space
Access to necessary technology and kit
Maintaining healthy home/ work boundaries
My mental wellbeing
Time for life, hobbies, exercise
Feeling connected with close friends and family
Feeling connected with people in my wider social network
WorseA bit worseAbout the sameA bit betterBetter
Working productively
Setting realistic goals
Clarity around work priorities
Sharing information
Sharing and building on ideas with others
Ease of spotting new opportunities
Adapting to new change
Relationship with my manager
WorseA bit worseAbout the sameA bit betterBetter
Amount of fun we have in my team
Sense of belonging within my team
Mentoring and developing each other
Resolving any conflict in the team
Trust within my team
Connection with other teams
Understanding our customers current needs